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Video Demo Reels

  Click the play button on one of the videos below, to see samples of Brian's acting, as well as learn about Brian and his greatest role: Connecting the Entertainment industry together since 1999!

Here are some samples of Brian's Work:

Brian Dragonuk shows his expert acting prowess in this short film, "POWER" where he teams up with John C. Bailey who plays Rush Limbaugh.

Brian Dragouk's Acting Demo Reel

Brian Dragonuk plays Rick Rescorla, who was in charge of security on 9-11 at the World Trade Center, in this clip from "Countdown to Ground Zero on the History Channel

Here's what people are saying about the newsletters. If you are not presently receiving the DragonukConnects Newsletters which provide jobs, events and more to the entertainment industry in the Mid-Atlantic Region, go to the About Brian page and sign up at the bottom

A look at a few of the professional Voice Over artists working in the Baltimore and Washington DC areas. Includes Ty Ford, Brian Dragonuk and Anne Hall.

Brian Dragonuk Auditions as Senator Shay

WRPN Promo Interview with Brian Dragonuk

WRPN Interview With Brian Dragonuk

TV PROFILES Interview with Brian Dragonuk, Actor -
Brian Mac Ian interviews Brian Dragonuk, actor, model, publisher of the e-newsletter "Dragonuk Connects." Show aired on Mar. 11, 13, and 14, 2009


TV PROFILES Being an Extra or Background Acting in a Film -
Brian Mac Ian interviews Gale Nemec, actor and coach; Kimberly Skyrme, producer; and Brian Dragonuk, actor, about being an extra in a film, also known as background acting. Show aired on Mar. 4, 6, and 7, 2009


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